Alarm Clock | Black

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Here's an alarm clock that puts back time by a couple of decades if one were to consider just its styling and looks. Here is a throw back from a past when metallic clocks with their lilting fine ring would wake one up - a sound that a whole generation woke up to. This black metallic clock will bring back that retro chic look to your space and keep very good time indeed.

Wake up to the sound of a ,clock that will take you back in time - well, not as literally but surely each time you look at its gorgeous face. Made of metal, sturdy as it can get, it will give you great deal of confidence about waking up on time and not missing on a deadline. Keep time the way the world has in the past when metallic alarm bells would wake up most of humanity. Feel its urgent tick tocking through the day as it sits on your bedside or your study table and shows off in all seriousness all it sterling quality features. It stands on two tiny legs, beams across a cheerful happy face that is round and hosts hands that can be seen much clearly. This works as smoothly like any other quartz clock and will see you through years of service keeping accurate time and making your space fill up with a lovely retro charm.

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