Guaranteed Lowest Price* – Beds Factory Direct

We pride ourselves on keeping our prices as low as possible, but occasionally someone can sneak in with the same product at a better price. So just to show you we really care about our customers, we have brought in a price guarantee.

It's pretty simple really, if you see the same product online or in another store for a regular price that is lower than ours just let us know and we will better it!

The main points:

  • We will guarantee to match regular pricing at another store but if something is on clearance, sale, or otherwise appears to be marked down excessively we may not be able to match it, but we will still try!

  • We cannot match a price if it pushes the sale price beneath our cost plus GST.  Simply put we can't give it away.  It's unlikely this would happen though unless the other shop was making a loss too or had their product on clearance which is excluded above. 
    Simply put our guarantee only applies if in selling the product we can at least cover our tax obligations and the cost from our supplier.

  • You will need to provide proof of the competitive price, this can be done a couple of ways:
    - Bring or email us a copy of their advert or web page showing the product and price in NZ dollars.
    - Show us a photo of the item on the shelf clearly showing the exact product and price in NZ dollars.  If you can include a barcode on the product that always help us identify it.

  • We can only guarantee a match on product we have in stock at the time, though again we will try our best.

  • The guarantee is for cash or eftpos sales only.  For credit card, buy-now/pay-later we will match but reserve the right to charge a small fee to cover the cost of the fees of offering credit.  In most cases it's around 4% of the final price.

  • Our staff in store can make the decisions within fairly generous parameters, so for most cases they will make the call on the price match immediately, however if it falls outside their authority they will need to call management. This can sometimes mean a delay while they get approval but we will always endeavour to have a 15 min turnaround on approval.