Hen Hamper

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The Hen Hamper will break the ice and have everyone at the hen party in fits of laughter.  With innocent and naughty game options, there are games for all party goers!



  • 20 Pink Ping Pong Cups and 4 Ping Pong Balls
  • 56 'I have never' cards
  • 28 'Truth or Dare' cards
  • 28 'What am I?' cards
  • 28 Innocent 'Hen Charades' cards
  • 28 Naughty 'Hen Charades' cards
  • Innocent 'Mr & Mrs Quiz Sheet'
  • Naughty 'Mr & Mrs Quiz Sheet'
  • 'Who Knows The Bride Best' Quiz Sheet
  • Game Rules

Adult Games 18+

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